Chocolate Trout
Dark chocolate shell filled
with honey caramel
Trio of Caramel Bonbons
6 pack (2 of each) coffee caramel, salted caramel and honey caramel bonbons
Honey Caramel Snack Bars
Snack bar filled with honey caramel centre made with the finest Belgian milk chocolate
Chocolate Snack Bars
Dark, milk or white chocolate
made with finest Belgian chocolate
Almond and Apricot
Rocky Road Bites
White chocolate, natural almond, apricot,
cherry and marshmellow
Nut-free Cranberry
Rocky Road Bites
Dark chocolate, cranberry and  marshmellow
Calamansi Crunch Wave Bar
White chocolate shell filled with a creamy citrus ganache and feuilletine biscuit crumb
Salted Caramel Speculos Wave Bar
Dark chocolate shell filled
with salted caramel and crunchy speculos
Tropical Rocky Road Bites
Milk chocolate, mango, pineapple
and coconut
Coffee Caramel Wave Bar
A cafe espresso and caramel layered wave bar enrobed in Callebaut milk chocolate

NZ handmade artisan chocolates